Cement tiles

Floor tiles with history and tradition. A valuable material then as now.

VIA Zementfliese mit einem Muster aus grünen Dreiecken im Treppenhaus

VIA ♥ Beautiful cement tiles

Cement tiles for floor and wall design

Long before the modern tile industry, cement tiles shaped architecture. Today, they are doing so again. Our VIA tiles have a historical origin, but at the same time are up to date. Cement tiles give floors and walls a very personal touch, skilfully bridging the gap between history and the present.

Each cement mosaic tile is unique

Due to the partially manual production, each of our cement tiles is unique. They vary slightly in their material thickness, but this is compensated for when they are laid correctly, and in their colourfulness - the colour nuances of the individual cement tiles create a wonderfully iridescent overall appearance, one of the main characteristics of cement mosaic tiles.
Because cement tiles are laid without joints, transitions between floor and wall can be designed smoothly. As a result, room boundaries are visually cancelled out: Large pictorial surfaces are created that unite with the room. 

The history of Art Nouveau tiles 

Curved shapes, plants, tendrils and waves: These are some typical features of Art Nouveau. At the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, many of these sweeping elements found their way into houses and flats, as a way of bringing nature and natural forms into the hectic city. Around the same time, cement tiles were invented. They quickly became a popular means of floor and wall design with the floral ornaments, flowing lines and soft shapes of Art Nouveau.

We also want to maintain this product tradition, which is why the characteristic patterns of the art-historical era adorn many of our mosaic tiles. Our cement tiles are also manufactured in the original material composition as in the 19th century. They consist exclusively of valuable and natural materials - without artificial additives.

VIA ♥ Beautiful cement tiles

Laying cement tiles

Laying our cement tiles is not complicated - it's just different. To help you enjoy your new tiled floor for as long as possible and to make sure that the installation process goes smoothly, we have put together a few useful tips for you. You can read detailed instructions on how to lay our cement mosaic tiles in our Worth knowing section. There you will find care instructions for VIA floors.
If you cannot or do not want to install your new floor yourself, we will be happy to put you in touch with competent installers in your area. If you have any further questions, take a look at our FAQ section or let us advise you personally.

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